Starting fresh!
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Ok starting livejournal fresh no more sadness and dispair and all that crap that crap will be posted ONLY if absolutley nessasary and nessasary as in If feel I HAVE to share it.

I made some awesome purchases today went to Bushwear and got some awesome new boots with good treads so I no longer need to worry about my old leaking boots making my feet wet and my new boots treads are so good I don't need to worry about super deep snow this year (if we get any) and I also got a new super padded raincoat for this current cold weather we've been having here in Scotland and also got some new super warm slippers and got my gran (dads mum) an artwork book as an xmas present and a warm fluffy lines hat for my grandad (mums dad) and Ive taken care of everyone elses xmas presents at home so my xmas is sorted, saw an awesome juvenile bearded dragon in Dobbies Garden Centre and it's fused my wish for one after my dog gets old and passes away now firmly in rock solid concrete ^^. We're having turkey and 2 lobsters and my sisters boyfriend is gonna steal my turkey leg, I always have the leg every year it's not fair though hopefully the xmas telly will put me in a better mood :3.

Anyway my mother has given me her HD camcorder since as she said 'Iam unlikey to use it frquently' more or less telling me it's more or less mine but the family use it if desired, I got a nice snug camcorder bag for it and its SD cards and cables so it will be going along to Glasgow with me on Saturday for the Glasgow Furmeet and film some of the fursuit action we are going to be having annoying the vendors in the German Xmas Market on Argyll Street mwhahahahhaha ^.=.^ And I'll also be getting the Deathing and Smaug POP figures CO I WANT THEM SO MUCH! :D

Iam working on saving up money for fursuits of my main dragon sona and Hiromi my gryphon sona and Iam unsure when iam able to comission one who I will choose to make it Iam stuck between komickrazi, Furhappens, beastclub and Scaleworx for my dragon and those and Mixedcandy for my gryphon but Iam sure I'll choose the right one :3.

Also looking to link my bank to my paypal account so iam able to buy more stuff like more awesome conbadges a big nosed dragon badge from Narse and a collection of mood badges by TanidaReal are top priority on my wish list ^^

Also SO want this T-Shirt medium womans size :3 -


I'll be working to draw more artwork soon one Iam in the mood but currently iam not :P Iam doing research on digital artworking tablets to replace the one I have which is crap I want one that is A4 paper size and it's super senstive and good so I can make artwork masterpeices on my Photoshop CS5.

Hope all my friends who went to MFF 2014 are ok after that awful and inconsiderate chlorine gas attack.

That's all I can think of for now, laters folks


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